NEW IN │ Pre-100 Days No-buy Shopping (Caudalie, La Roche Possay, Yves Rocher, Catrice, Ciate and more) Part 1

newin july

Hello lovelies,

finally the majority of items I’ve ordered in a tiny time frame of 2 days have arrived. I’m still waiting for several nail polishes, which should hopefully arrive soon, as well as some Emma Hardie and other skincare products. After all, it’s been over 3 weeks. I think that once they arrive I’m finally set.

Now, let’s see what I’ve got so far.

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My Summer Skincare Routine

skincare routine 2014 summer

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are enjoying this nice summer weather. I certainly do :)

However, summer also means it is a time for a skin-care routine switch. Since I’ll be spending a lot of time outside in the sun (even with sunscreen), this means that I have to quit using acids and retinol (they make the skin photosensitive) until the late fall. This also means using creams that are not as rich as those in my winter routine, as well as exfoliating more often to properly remove sunscreen.

skincare routine 2014 summer 1

The first part of my routine is pretty similar to the winter one – it consists of cleansers and masks.

The first product on the photo is Clinique Mild Clarifying lotion. I did mention that I am avoiding acids during summer, but this one has such a low concentration that I’m using it now and then. Since the acid is weak, I don’t get exfoliating benefits.

At the moment, I’m using La Roche Possay Effaclar cleanser. I’ve been using it for half a year and so far I like it, although I might be tempted to try something else once it is finished. It works well for what it is – it cleanses my skin without stripping it too much – after all it is intended for oily skin.

In the centre is Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask. I’m not too happy with it. It is a nice mask, but the scent is overwhelming and irritating.

Bioderma Sebium exfoliator is my staple – this is the second time I’ve repurchased it and I plan to repurchase it again. It perfectly removes the dead skin cells, at the same time not being too irritating.

Sisley Floral Toning Lotion is the best (and the most expensive) toner I’ve ever used.

skincare routine 2014 summer 2

After I’ve received a deluxe sample ser as a GWP, I’ve decided to completely stick to Caudalie routine and to test all the products from Polypehnol C15 range simultaneously. I plan to write a more thorough review soon, but after using it for two weeks I have to say that I like the whole collection.

In the evening after cleansing I apply Polyphenol C15 Eye Contour Cream on the eye area and two to three drops of Polyphenol C15 Serum on the face. After five minutes (once the serum has sunk in) I apply Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. Once or twice a week I apply several drops of Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil.

In the morning I apply a couple drops of Polyphenol C15 Serum and follow with Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Protect Fluid SPF20. If I plan to spend some time outside, I apply additional sunscreen (at the moment I’m finishing up Uriage Tinted Sunscreen).

This routine doesn’t make my skin perfect (I don’t think there’s anything that could help with my pores), but it helps with dehydration and flaky skin. Also, it doesn’t break me out and leaves my skin pretty much clear.

Do you switch your skincare in summer?

xoxo Tamara

MAY 2014 Empties


may empties

Hello lovelies,

it’s again that time of the month when I show you my beauty trash bin. When it comes to empties, it doesn’t bother me that this month wasn’t the greatest because I can tell that June will be better.

Let’s start with the hair products.

may empties hair

I’m not really impressed with Matrix Biolage Hydrasource shampoo (2x) and conditioner (2x). The shampoo is ok (but only ok) while the conditioner did nothing for my hair. I’ve cut my hair recently, but my ends are still dry; however, the conditioner did nothing to help. It was as if I didn’t put anything on. I won’t be repurchasing it.

Schauma shampoo is nothing special, too.

I am a bit more satisfied with Redken Diamond Oil shampoo. I’m sad that I don’t have more samples, because these two weren’t enough for me to see how it performs, but the shampoo has a potential. once I’m done with Kerastase, I might repurchase full size.

However, I absolutely love Redken Diamond Oil conditioner. It is amazing – super creamy and moisturizing for my hair. My ends look much smoother and shinier whenever I use this. You can really feel that it moisturizes the hair. This is a definite repurchase.


may empties face

I’ve decided to start a new skin-care regime this June to properly test Caudalie Polyphenol range, but before starting it, I wanted to use up some samples.

I don’t think I’ll repurchase Bioderma Sebium Serum. It has a lightweight formula, with some acids added, but I didn’t feel like it actually does something for my skin

Sisley Floral Toning Lotion is great and I dread the day when I’m out of these mini bottles – at the moment I’m not willing to shell out $100+ on a full size.

Caudalie Vinosource Sorbet is a lightweight moisturizer. I think it would be best suited for oily to combination skin as I don’t think it does a lot for dehydrated parts of my skin. However, I’ll hold my judgment for a while and give more thorough review after using up another mini sample.

Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water is Caudalie’s take on micellar waters. I don’t think it is a bad product, but I certainly had better. It removes light, non-waterproof makeup, but I would not trust it to remove heavy make-up. I don’t think I’ll repurchase it; I still prefer Bioderma.


may empties body

Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Tiare Flower is one of my favourite shower gels. I think that the fact that I’ve repurchased it twice tells enough. It is affordable, smells nice and mild for the skin.

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir is not my favourite take on jasmine, but it is still a nice everday scent. However, I don’t think I’ll repurchase it.

Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible is an ok fragrance, but nothing worth repurchasing.

Ferre Ferre fragrance is another nice everyday scent which I don’t think I’ll repurchase it. I need to add that I’m very particular about the scents I wear and, with the exception of Lidl’s Suddenly Madame Glamour I prefer stronger scents – I like strong notes of tiare, jasmine, oud, vanilla and violet.

Caudalie Thé des Vignes shower gel is a nice, scented shower cream. It doesn’t later well and it is exceptionally mild for the skin so I think it might be well suited for those with sensitive skin (if you can handle the scent). I have repurchased another Caudalie shower gel and I might purchase this one again, too.






2014 TOTAL


MINI: 34


Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

Skincare Sunday: SISLEY Eau Efficace Review

eau efficacce

Hello lovelies,

the last few months I’ve been so focused on nail polish that I have forgotten about all other niches of cosmetics industry. Therefore, I decided that Sunday will be a day devoted to skincare. The first installment of the series will be dedicated to Sisley’s cleansing water Eau Efficace. Although it is not described as such, I’d called it overpriced micellar water.

It comes in a great packaging – to be honest, this was the decisive point – with a convenient dispenser on which you simply put a cotton round and press down (don’t press too hard, or the product will squirt all around). Once I’m done with this water, I plan to keep my toner inside. The bottle contains 300ml and costs GBP71. The consistency is water-like – therefore “eau” in the name. Like all other Sisley products, it has a light herbal scent which might take some time to grow on you.

The product is described as “a 3 in 1 cleansing treatment that deeply purifies, hydrates and desensitised the skin whilst removing all impurities and traces of pollution. Formulated with deeply cleansing plant-based saponins, Eau Efficace removes even the thickest make up and leaves the skin cleansed and toned without needing to rinse.” Seems great, huh? Well, as the majority of marketing claims, this is not true.

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CAUDALIE Fleur de Vigne Cleansing Mousse Review

caudalie bottle

Hello lovelies,

I’ll be away the next 10 days, but I have prepared several post which will be published during this period. I won’t have a computer, but I’ll post on Instagram (fleurissante_tamara), so you can find me there.

Since I’m travelling, I thought it would be a good idea to post my travel cleanser: Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Mousse Cleanser. The travel size comes in a ml bottle, but there is also a full size available. I don’t remember how much I paid it (I think around $10).

The cleanser has light herbal, slightly unpleasant scent, which reminds me of must (or mošt, as we call it here). One press of the pump releases sufficient amount of foam.

caudalie bottle pump

I apply the foam on a wet face, spread it evenly rubbing it a bit and then wash it off. Once it is on my face, the foam doesn’t foam up more – it disappears. It is kind of opposite of what I’m used to (putting the cleanser which foams up vs. putting a foam which disappears), but my face is really clean. A welcome bonus is that it is not a drying cleanser and that it doesn’t irritate my skin or my eyes.

I do not use this foam to remove my make-up. Even though I don’t wear waterproof make-up, I still don’t think that the foam is strong enough to completely remove make-up.

Although the bottle is very small, it definitely lasts a long time. When I first got it I was afraid that I’m going to use it up in a week. In my estimation, there is enough cleanser to last you at least for a month, if not even more.

While I will repurchase the cleanser when I plan to travel, for my everyday cleanser I’ll use something with zinc.

caudalie foam

xoxo Tamara

BIODERMA Sebium H2O Micelle Solution Ingredients and Review

I have received a 250ml bottle of Bioderma Sebium Micelle Solution with the purchase of Sebium cream. 250ml bottle is the medium sized one – there also exist a bigger, 500 ml bottle and one smaller. As far as I can remember, 250 ml costs around $13.

Bioderma has two varieties of micelle solution: Sensibio (for sensitive skin) and Sebium (for oily skin). I was a bit worried that, since my version is for oily skin, it would be too drying, but it wasn’t.

Ever since I’ve tried it, micelle solution is my favourite method for removing make-up. It takes off the layers of foundation and powder, eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner without irritating my eyes. Keep in mind that I don’t generally use waterproof make-up, but I’ve started applying Chanel Illusion d’Ombre mixed with Inglot Duraline, which makes the make-up longwearing.

Micelle solution is a transparent liquid, with light scent, which looks like a water. The scent is barely there, but don’t get it in your mouth, because the taste is horrible.

I’ve been using it almost daily for two and a half months and there’s a bit more than half left, although at first it didn’t seem as if it would last for so long.

My only problem is the packaging – it comes in a flip top bottle and I think that it would be easier to dispense it if it contained a pump. As it is now, I sometimes have a hard time not to overspill it.

In spite of this, I’ll continue to use micelle solutions, although I may explore other brands.


NIVEA All-in-1 Extra Deep Cleansing Review

This review of Nivea All-in-1 cleanser is based on using ten 2ml sample sachets (which sums up to 20ml of the product). For that reason, I’m not sure about the retail size and price.

The cleanser, as they claim, has five actions (although this is a basic 3-in1 cleanser) and I’ll break-up the review into 5 parts.

1. Wash. The first function is that of a basic cleanser. I’ve tried to use it that way, and quit immediately as it is simply too harsh for everyday usage. I’ve tried to use it for several days in a row, and the result was cleansed, but irritated skin.

2. Scrub. As a scrub, this works pretty well. The scrub particles are very tiny and there is a lot of them, so you can be sure that it will completely remove dead skin cells.

3. Mask. I didn’t see any benefits of using this product as a mask. I’ve tried to apply it both to the dry and wet skin and the mask never dried. In the end I have washed it of, and I absolutely couldn’t see no difference.

4. Antibacterial. Taking into account the fact that it contains alcohol, you can be sure that it is antibacterial.

5. Non-irritating. The cleanser is definitely not non-irritating. Even if I overlook the fact that alcohol is on the top of the ingredient list, there remains the fact that this is pretty harsh exfoliator which will for sure irritate sensitive skin. Since my skin is pretty thick, I can handle harsher exfoliation from time to time, but this doesn’t mean that sensitive skin could.

Another thing that I have to mention is the fragrance. It is incredibly strong. Normally, I’m not too much bothered by the fragrance, but this was too much. The fragrance is harsh and it doesn’t weaken.

To conclude: even if I will not purchase full-sized product, I’ll continue to use what little I have left as an exfoliator. This turned out to be a great one, but I would avoid using it as a cleanser as it is simply too harsh.



In my Make-up stash inventory post, I’ve promised skincare and body care stash post so here I am, fulfilling my promise.

You can read on my make-up inventory HERE.

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Project 10 Pans and Sample Challenge Update #4

It’s been ages from my last update. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally spend all of these products. However, I haven’t been as disciplined when it comes to the new purchases. I’ve got several nailpolishes and a primer. I’m also planning on a foundation purchase (even thought I have half a bottle of Clarins Everlasting and half a bottle of Dior Airflash) if the foundation I’m currently testing proves it is worth it.

Here are the original posts: Project 10 Pans, Sample Challenge

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L’ERBOLARIO L’Aloe Rinfresca & Tonifica Face Cleanser Review

I haven’t planned to review L’Erbolario L’Aloe Cleanser as the sample was enough only for three uses, but the cleanser in itself is very interesting, so I’ll give just my first impressions without the grade.

L’Aloe cleanser has the consistency which reminds me a bit of a shampoo It feels very creamy. I apply it on the wet face, massage it in and rinse off.

What shocked me most about this cleanser is that it doesn’t foam. However, once you rinse it off, your skin will feel squeaky clean.

I do not believe that this cleanser on its own is enough to remove make-up. I think this might be a nice, gentle cleanser for the days you do not wear foundation. I would recommend it only for normal to oily skin – even though the cleanser is gentle, I think it would be too stripping for very dry skin.


Project 10 Pans Samples Challenge

During spring, I’ve made a plan of finally finishing some products from my stash. I haven’t updated it for a while, but it is only because I haven’t managed to spend anything. Later I have also announced a possibility to include more samples in the challenge.

Last week I have finally managed to find some time so I’ve been rearranging my cosmetics storage and I have figured out that I have tons of samples and testers. As I’m a bit afraid that they don’t go bad, I’ve picked several products I would like to spend. Some of these are already reviewed, as I’ve been using them before, but some I’ll have to test for the first time. I will only write a review if the product was tested for at least a week of daily usage.

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SISLEY Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar Review


I’ve been bored with my regular cleanser (Hygieia Zincia) so I have decided that change was in order. I really wanted Sisley GWP, especially the zebra clutch it came in, and I had to purchase at least one Sisley skin care product so I purchased Sisley Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar as it was the cheapest product in Sisley skin care line.

Sisley Soapless Facial cleansing bar has 125 grams and retails for $65.

I was very hesitant to try it since a huge majority of reviews was negative – they claimed it was drying, irritating and causing breakouts.

It seems that I have luck with Sisley products since the only inconvenience is the form in which this cleanser comes. As the name says, it looks like a soap bar. While you can simply wet the bar a bit and rub it all over the face to spread the cleanser, I’d suggest getting a facial brush to use with this cleanser. Even though Sisley has its own brush in the skin care line, I would suggest Shiseido Massage brush. Of course, you can go cheaper and pick any cleansing brush you deem gentle enough to use on the face.

I was very afraid that the cleanser will be too drying, but I haven’t experience any dryness during one month I’ve been using it.

The cleanser lathers well, it is not irritating and leaves my skin clean, but not dehydrated. Nevertheless, use this only if you are combination or oily skintype. I don’t think the cleanser would be so kind to dry skin.

While it might seem pretty expensive, this bar will last you a long time. After using it for a month, once every day, it still looks almost the same (I sould measure the weight to see how much did I spend :) ).

The only inconvenience is that it doesn’t come with a box. For a brand such as Sisley (and for that price), I’d expect that they have provided at least some plastic box to keep the soap when you not using it.

Overall impression:


DIOR Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil Review

After my positive experience with L’Occitane Almond Apple Cleansing Oil (which is being discontinued), I wanted to find an alternative. I was considering Chanel and Dior, as this are the only two cleansing oils available in my country. I’ve chosen Dior, as it is considerably cheaper than Chanel.

Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil comes in a yellow plastic bottle with pump. 200 ml retail for 28 euros (an average price for Dior cleanser).  The packaging seems really practical and hygienic but, on the other side, it is not the best possible solution. The pump has a stopper which ensures that you accidentally do not squeeze the oil out. You have to remove the stopper before pressing the pump and you have to remember to put it after. I’d prefer if the pump were like the pump on Sisley cleansing milk bottles, where you have to turn the pump in on/off direction, which is much simpler.

Also, be careful not to drop the bottle. The plastic the bottle is made of is very rigid, it feels almost looks like glass and I do not think it would survive the fall.

I use this oil primarily for make-up removing. I always follow with another cleanser.

The oil is transparent – one to two pumps are enough to cover the face. Usually, I gently massage it, until it has almost sunk in, then I add a tiny amount of water and massage further. Adding water transforms the oil into emulsion. In the end, I wipe it off with a moist cotton and all make-up is gone.

I’ve tried to use it on the eyes, but I do not recommend it. Even though my eyes are far from sensitive, and I can put literally anything on my eyes, this oil irritated me. I still use it on the eyes from time to time, because it is really great mascara remover, but I always have to be careful to keep my eyes closed all the time in order to prevent the oil getting into the eyes.

I’ve been using this oil for a bit over two weeks, and no breakouts have occurred. I have noticed that my pores seem cleaner and the blackheads on my nose seem smaller. I hope that with long-term usage, they’ll become almost invisible.

Overall impression:


Project 10 Pans: Update #1

As most of you probably know, not long ago I’ve started my Project 10 pans, which will help me to finally spend some of the items that I’ve been keeping half-spent in my stash for years (I think that the oldest item is Guerlain Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine lipstick, which is over 5 years old, and surprisingly, even now it is the same as it was the day I bought it – it didn’t changed the texture or the smell).

The list of all the items I’m planning to spend can be found here:




Today, I reporting on my first two weeks of the project.

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CLARINS Cleansing Milk With Gentian Review

Clarins cleansing milk with Gentian is recommended for oily/combination skin. The full-size bottle contains 200 ml and retails for $29.50 (19 euros).

I’ve tested a small 10ml sample bottle which was enough for 12 make-up cleansings. Compared to Sisley cleansing milks I’ve tried so far (with Sage and with White Lily) Clarins has a much runnier texture.

The smell of Clarins cleansing milk is very unusual – it smells like man skin-care product.

As for the cleansing, a small amount is enough (I was surprised that something so tiny lasted so long). I can use it both on face and eyes (although avoid using it on eyes if your eyes are sensitive).In spite of being adapted for oily skin, it is not drying at all.

It is pretty decent cleanser, but not the best. It takes off the majority of the foundation, although I still see a bit of foundation when I use toner. This cleansing milk dissolves some mascara, but not enough to completely remove it.

Of course, I follow with a foaming cleanser, so this doesn’t bother me much, but if cleansing milk is your only method of cleaning, then this might not be the best solution.



HYGIEIA Zincia Cleanser Review

This is my favourite cleanser.

A 200ml bottle retails for approximately $6. The bottle is ugly (I’m hoping they are going to repackage this) and it is not very practical. On the top, there is a flip cover which breaks easily. However, I always transfer it to a pump bottle (you can even purchase those pretty liquid soap pump bottles).

The texture is gel-like and the cleanser foams up slightly. When I wear make-up, I use it after I have removed the make-up with cleansing milk, because I do not think that it would be enough to remove all of the make-up. If I’m not wearing any make-up, Zincia cleanser is enough.

The cleanser is very gentle, it is not irritating. It doesn’t bother me if it gets into the eyes. It cleanses my skin and leaves it soft.

The cleanser contains zinc oxide (it supposed to be very good for acne prone skin) and its pH is 4.2.

This is by far the best cleanser I’ve ever had. I rarely repurchase skincare products, even if they are good, because I always want to try something new, but this is one of the rare products I’ve repurchased several times and I think it says enough about how much I love it.

Overall impression:

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SISLEY PARIS Lyslait Cleansing Milk With White Lily Review

I have tons of 30ml GWP bottles of this cleansing milk, which I’ve been using on and off after I’ve spent my Cleansing Milk with Sage. Full-size bottle contains 250ml and retails for $100.

Lyslait is intended for normal to dry or sensitive skin. I have oily skin, but I’ve been using it nevertheless.

Lyslait has a strong perfume-milky scent and I prefer the scent of Cleansing Milk with Sage.

Also, Lyslait doesn’t seem to remove the make-up as good as the Cleansing Milk with Sage (this is especially obvious if I remove eye-make-up).

After removing it with cotton bally, the skin is indeed softer – it seems that Lyslait is more moisturizing than Cleansing Milk with Sage.

However, I don’t like it very much as it has failed in the most important task – make-up removing.



CARITA Ideal Douceur Eau Lactée Milky Water Review

Carita is not a widely known brand, and sometimes it seem to me that it is very underrated. I often get the impression that if the brand isn’t big in the USA, it doesn’t exist ( a shame really, as many excellent brands are overlooked).

Carita Ideal Douceur Milky Water is a cleanser appropriate for sensitive skin. Full size retails for 35 euros/ $52 for 200 ml (6.7 fl.oz.). I’ve used one 5ml sample, which was enough for five times.

Just like the name suggests, this cleanser looks like a milky water. I massage it into the skin and then remove the make-up with the wet cotton. The instructions say that it doesn’t have to be rinsed, but I rinse it nevertheless. It can be used both on eyes and the face.

I’m always searching for a good, more affordable make-up remover which will take off all my make-up both from the eyes and face. Sisley Cleansing milk with Sage is good, but very expensive. Sisley Lyslait is not as good. L’Occitane Almond Apple Cleansing oil is excellent, but it cannot be used on the eyes. Well, I think I have finally found a HG.

Carita Eau Lactee is an excellent make-up remover. It takes all the foundation and it dissolves the mascara without irritating eyes or making my vision blurry (like Sisley Lyslait does). It doesn’t irritate my skin, it doesn’t break me out and it is not drying.



L’OCCITANE Almond Apple Cleansing Oil Review

While I’ve disliked a moisturizer from the same line, I love cleansing oil. The oil has the same smell as the moisturizer. The scent is not very strong, but I don’t like it.

The oil is not cheap, but I think it is affordable. Full size (200ml) retails for $22.

The sample I’ve received was tiny – I believe it contained 2 or 3ml of cleansing oil, which have lasted for five uses.

It cleanses really well, but I still use another cleanser after this if I wear make-up. Upon the application, it feels greasy, but it becomes a milky fluid once you add water.

Although they do not recommend to use it on the eyes, I’ve tried it an it didn’t irritate my eyes. It dissolves mascara better than some eye-make-up removers. Nevertheless, I do not recommend to use it in the eye area if you have sensitive or dry skin there.

While I was using this cleansing oil, I’ve noticed that I have less blackheads, especially on the nose. I wonder what would happen if i use it for a longer period?

I’m very happy with this cleanser and I’ definitely going to purchase it once I use up all of my Sisley cleansing milks.

Overall impression:


My Favourite Cosmetics Products in 2010

I probably should have published this earlier, but it was a bit hard to decide which items I should put on the list. I didn’t want to de recommendation for every category because I simply haven’t tried every new product that has been released in 2010 and I’d feel stupid recommending something if I haven’t tried all other products from the same category.

I’d like to talk about the products I’ve found in 2010 and which have become my HG (holy grails) and irreplaceable items in my stash.


In 2010 I’ve stopped being a skincare snob. For a long time I’ve been using only high-end French cosmetics, because my dermatologist (he is also a skincare snob) told me that French make the best skincare. In spite of that, in 2010 I have finally ventured in drugstore skincare. Today, I’m so glad I did it, because I have found some excellent skincare items there:

OLEA Moisturizing Toner. I cannot rave enough about this product. It is so cheap and yet so good. This is a definite replacement for Sisley Floral Toning Lotion

OLAY Complete Night. Excellent moisturizer, which moisturizes without making me greasy. It made me want to try out the Day version and Beauty Fluid

HYGIEIA Zincia face cleanser. (not on the picture) One of the rare items in my skincare routine which I have repurchased. Naturally, I have to combine it with cleansing milk when I have to remove make-up, but this is the most gentlest, the most non-irritating cleanser I have found.


There are also some high-end items which I won’t give up:

SISLEY Gel Express aux Fleurs. Excellent moisturizing mask for times when I need that extra boost of moisture.

SISLEY Creme Gommante. Very gentle exfoliator, which I also use as cleansing mask.


Also my favourite hair care item has become:

GARNIER Natural Beauty Vanilla shampoo and conditioner. It lathers well, the hair isn’t dried out and it has a lovely smell.


As a body exfoliator, I’ve only used:

L’OREAL Exfotonic. Body exfoliator with AHA which is neither too mild not too strong. I was afraid that it is discontinued, but I regularly find it in my drugstore.




As far as the make-up is concerned, in 2010 I haven’t discovered many new HG items, but there are a few worth mentioning:

GUERLAIN Cherry Flower Blush. At first I hated it, but now I cannot live without it. This is a wonderful neutral peachy-pink.


GUERLAIN Jeu d’Ombrelles eyeshadow quad. Purple eyeshadow usually makes me look sick, but this is an exception.


GUERLAIN Rouge G #61 Gaela. Even though the lipstick could be more moisturizing, it has a lovely bright pink colour and it is very longlasting.


SISLEY Phyto-Lip Star Rose Quartz. Excellent non-sticky pink lipgloss with tons of silver and pink microglitter.


CLARINS Everlasting Foundation. I think I have said everything about it in my recent review.


CATRICE Nail Lacquer in Bloody Mary To Go, Clay-Ton My Hero, Let’s Mauve On and Caught on the Red Carpet. These four shades are my favourites so far. They offer excellent pigmentation where only one layer is necessary to get almost exact shade as it is in the bottle.


SEPHORA #45 Mineral powder brush. It is the only brush I have backups of. You can use it in various ways: as a stippling brush for liquid foundation, for loose powder both regular and mineral, for blush, for cream foundation, etc…


GUERLAIN Meteorites #3 Teint Dore. I love everything about meteorites and this shade is my favourite. I use it instead of loose powder and the result is soft glowy skin.



And my final discovery is the perfume:

GUERLAIN L’Heure Bleue. I have debated for so long about this fragrance and finally I have caved in and purchased EdT version. I adore the soft violet and vanilla scent.