SWATCH │ Chanel Le Vernis in Rose Exuberant

chanel rose exuberant 4

Hello lovelies,

I knew I forgot to swatch one Chanel nail polish. The nail polish in question is Chanel Rose Exuberant.

This shade belongs to my favourite colour group and I have quite a few of similar shades. It is a bright fuchsia pink without shimmer. It is very opaque – one coater if you use one thick coat, although I prefer to use two thinner coats. The formula is of the perfect consistency and it goes on evenly.

This is one of my favourite go-to spring shades.

I used two coats for the swatches.

xoxo Tamara

Chanel Le Vernis Swatches – neutral shades (Attraction, Frenzy, Quartz)

chanel attraction frenzy quartz

Hello lovelies,

recently I’ve gone through my Chanel nail polish collection and I’ve noticed that a bunch of them haven’t been swatched here. I’ve decided to remedy that, so here’s the first part which features neutral shades.

chanel attraction 2

Attraction is a frosty white. As all frosty shades, this one shows every brush stroke. Other than this the formula was nice – slightly thin, but easy to apply. I’m not a fan of streakiness (ruins the polish, IMHO), but I like how the colour looks on my nails. The swatches are made with two coats.

chanel frenzy 2

Frenzy is a pale semi-sheer grey crelly which leans to the warm side. Even though it seemed pretty sheer in one coat, two coats are enough to make it pretty opaque. Sadly it leaves some bald spots when applied. This is one of my favourite mannequin shades. I used two coats for the swatches.

chanel quartz 2

Quartz is a metallic taupe. It shows a bit of brush strokes, but it is considerably less streaky than Attraction. I didn’t like this shade when it first came out, but I’m quite digging it now. The swatches are made with two coats.

While Chanel’s nail polish price definitely doesn’t reflect its quality, it is a nice luxurious treat. Stay tuned for peachy and bright part of my collection.

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Vernis May Swatch & Review

chanel may 1

Hello lovelies,

this nail polish has been a long-time lemming, ever since it was launched. I was lucky enough to find one last summer on a 50%off.

FORMULA and APPLICATION: Thin, easy to work with. Two coats are fully opaque.

COLOUR and FINISH: A crelly neutral light pink.

MY COMMENT: It is a very simple, yet stunning spring nail polish. It is a favourite of mine to wear in spring.

Swatches: 2 coats, no top coat

chanel may


chanel may 3

chanel may 2

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Vernis Beige Swatch & Review

chanel beige 1

Hello lovelies,

I wanted this nail polish back in 2012 when it was supposed to be exclusive. Imagine my surprise when I saw it in a local perfumery chain.

Chanel Beige is a yellowish beige crème with tiny lilac microshimmer. Microshimmer is visible only if you look up close. The consistency is thin. As with the majority of crème nail polishes, it is uneven in one coat – I usually go with two thicker coats to make it even.

I like it, but I don’t love it. I think that it pulls very yellow, contrasted with my skin. However, it was still my number one choice when I wanted an easy, elegant, work-appropriate manicure.

Swatches: 2 coats, no top or base coat.

chanel beige

chanel beige 3

chanel beige 2

xoxo Tamara


CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Polish Swatch Spam (Jade Rose, Django, Gold Shimmer and Splendeur)

Hello lovelies,

here’s a bunch of Chanel nail polish swatches. I wanted to post one swatch per day, but it would take ages to go through all of them, so here’s one group post. All nail polishes are polished in 2 coats, no top or base coat. Click on each photo in the gallery to enlarge it.

Let’s start with Django.

chanel django 3

Django is a pearly beige crelly with tiny goldish microshimmer, sheer and uneven in one coat, but opaque in two. I don’t really like how it looks on the nails – the shimmer is not too visible (and this is what gives the nail polish depth) – it’s just semi-frosty beige nude.

chanel jade rose 4

Jade Rose is a peachy nude beige with tiny rose microshimmer. Again, the shimmer can barely be seen on the nail. It is sheer in one coat, albeit very even. Two coat give prefect opaqueness. In my opinion, this one is more flattering against my skintone.


Gold Shimmer is my first Chanel nail polish and for a long time it was my go to summer nail polish. It is a shimmery bronzey gold which looks very flattering with tanned skin. The formula is thin and sheer, 2 coats are semi-opaque. I love it and I have yet to find a dupe.

The last is Splendeur. It is a gorgeous crème fuchsia pink. This is one of the most pigmented nail polishes – one coat is enough. I adore this shade – I think that the fact that I have a bunch of similar shades says it all.

Which one of these is your favourite.

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Black Satin Swatch & Review

chanel black satin 4

FORMULA and APPLICATION: Thick, but easy to work it. This is easy one coater, although it applied a bit unevenly if I didn’t put enough polish on the brush.

COLOUR and FINISH: Super shiny deep black crème.

TAMARA’s COMMENT: This is the perfect, elegant nail polish. It is a classic and a must have in every nail polish collection.

2 coats, no base or top coat:

chanel black satin


chanel black satin 3


chanel black satin 2

chanel black satin 1

xoxo Tamara

February Empties :)

february empties

Hello lovelies,

even though February is the shortest month, when it comes to empties, it was epic. I usually keep my empties in a small box, but this time they couldn’t fit inside so I needed to find a new home for them. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve finished so much products.

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CHANEL Le Volume de Chanel Mascara Review

chanel le volume de chanel

Hello lovelies,

let’s take a break from all the nail polish and switch to make-up instead :) Oriflame mascara in my last empties post reminded me that it’s been awhile since I reviewed a mascara. Today I went through my stash to pick my new mascara since I got rid of Oriflame and I picked a mini Chanel mascara.

It is Volume de Chanel  ($30) and I received this mini approximately a year ago with a magazine. I had a Chanel mascara before – it was Sublime de Chanel and I liked it as a nice daytime mascara. After wearing more natural mascaras for several years, I was looking forward to trying a volumizing one. However, while it is volumizing, Volume de Chanel won’t be entering my favourites mascaras list.

chanel le volume de chanel brush

Volume de Chanel has a silicone bristles brush – the bristles are shorter and there’s a lot of them. This means that the brush picks up a lot of product. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, in this cases it only helps to create clumps. It gives a volume, but the lashes aren’t smooth – mascara makes them look like I have a bunch of spider legs on my eyes.

Since the bristles are short, they often stick my lashes together so instead of a bunch separated lashes, I have three super thick lashes. This is easy to fix by combing the lashes (what I did).

I like the colour – it is very deep black.

The mascara isn’t waterproof, but it doesn’t smudge or flake off on me. Granted, I only wear mascara on the upper lashes, although I put it on my lower lashes for the purpose of review and didn’t get any smudging in the 6 hours I had it on.

To be honest, I think that there are better volumizing mascaras, at least for my lashes.

Click to see how it looks on my lashes

2013 Nail Polish Favourites (mainstream brands) – TOP 20

Hello lovelies,

here’s the second part of my favourite nail polishes in 2013. This list will feature mainstream brands and it will feature 20 favourite nail polishes (which are not necessarily launched 2013). Again, I didn’t assign the places (picking them out was hard enough), I’ll present them according to their price.

First, I’ll start with high-end polishes. This year I went on a Chanel binge and got from 7 to 27 Chanels. It is only natural that three of them are on the list. I also discovered Deborah Lippmann (I previously considered it an overpriced glitter) and Butter London (I need to find another EU-based store with free shipping since HqHair refuses to ship nail polish to Croatia).

Pictured above are: Chanel Taboo, Chanel Distraction, Chanel Bel-Argus, Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream, Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Kiss and Butter London Shag.

The next are mid-range, mostly US brands (Essie, for example). This year I got my first OPIs and one has already managed to end on the favourites list. I have also found a perfect, but discrete nail polish which can improve every manicure and an excellent New CID brand (also unavailable because HqHair refuses to ship polish to Croatia). There’s also Orly which has great formulation and huge bottles (which are impossible to spend in my case). Of course, here’s Color Club – I almost put both Halo Hues collections in my favourites, but I decided it would be a bit over the top so I randomly picked one to represent them whole.

Pictured are: Color Club Cherubic, Orly Hot Shot, OPI Germanicure, New CID Strawberry Gateau, Essie Using My Maiden Name, Essie The Lace is On, China Glaze Snow Globe.

The last are drugstore nail polishes. I have to admit that recently Croatian drugstores got some interesting nail polishes, like Depend holos. I could also have a whole category for Golden Rose, but I have picked only one to represent them whole. I’m glad to see that holo love is spreading – Oriflame have released Color Shine Palladium collection (scattered holos) and I hope it won’t take long for them to release linear holos, too. I also have to mention Eveline Mini Max Nail polish in what reminds me of Pantone’s color of the 2014 – Radiant Orchid.

Above are: Oriflame Fuchsia Palladium, Moment 201, Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 113, Eveline Mini Max 817, Eveline Color Instant 691, Depend Holographic 2032 and Ados 532.

You may have noticed that textured nail polish was a big hit in 2013 – almost every brand has their version of textures. I only have one which I love, but I’d like to try more to see how I really feel about textures.

What are your favourites?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Vernis Tentation Swatch

chanel tentation bottle

Hello lovelies,

this polish is one of my favourite shades.

Tentation is warm fuchsia pink with a subtle cold pink shimmer. The shimmer is visible under certain angles and certain lighting. One coat is slightly sheer so I usually use two coats.

It wears on average for 2-3 days.

chanel tentationchanel tentation 3


chanel tentation 2

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Vernis Blue Boy Swatch

chanel blue boy bottle

Hello lovelies,

here’s a bit of Chanel while I’m away.

Le Vernis in Blue Boy was a part of Les Jeans de Chanel collection. It is a crème medium dark blue. It is very elegant and fall-appropriate.

The application is uneven in one coat, but two coats give a perfect glossy finish.

Here are the swatches made with 2 coats.

chanel blue boy


chanel blue boy 4


chanel blue boy 3


chanel blue boy 2

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Vernis April Swatch and Review

chanel april bottle

Hello lovelies,

we are well in fall and it’s time to pull out my fall polishes. Even though April was launched with Spring collection, it is a perfect fall colour in my eyes.

April is crème muted dirty berry red – the shade is really beautiful, complex and difficult to categorize. It is not red enough to be considered as red, nor pink nor berry – I think I should have an entirely new category for this shade. It is very opaque in one coat, but I like to add second for good measure.

The application is very even and I adore Chanel nail polish brushes which are very precise.

It is a great, not too flashy colour. I like to wear it during early fall as it is very rich, but not too vampy shade.

What are your favourite fall nail polish shades?

chanel april

chanel april 4

chanel april 3

chanel april 2

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Vernis Distraction Swatch and Review


distraction bottle

Hello lovelies,

today is the turn to swatch one of my favorite nail polishes: Distraction. The funny thing about this polish is that I have no idea when and where did I purchase it. Usually for every item in my collection I know when did I purchase it, why (reward or comfort), where and all other circumstances. But Distraction – it’s like it simply appeared in my nail polish box one day.

Distraction was a part of Roses Ultimes de Chanel collection. It is a warm pinky coral with a very subtle light fuchsia shimmer. The shimmer is very well hidden – it flashes only under bright light, but it gives a dimension to otherwise usual colour.

The polish applies evenly but even after two coats it is on the sheer side, so the swatches are done with three coats.

The polish wears for typical 2-3 days.

distraction swatch


distraction swatch 2

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Vernis Paradoxal Swatch and Review

chanel paradoxal bottle

Hello lovelies,

here’s a swatch of one really ancient nail polish: Chanel Paradoxal. It has very unique colour shifting abilities – from almost black grey to dark lavender purple with purple shimmer. I don’t like to wear it on cloudy days, as it doesn’t show its beauty then, but this is the perfect polish for sunny fall and winter days.

It requires two coats for complete opaqueness. The swatches are made without base and top coats.

What are your preferred fall nail polish shades?

chanel paradoxal swatch


chanel paradoxal swatch 2

chanel paradoxal


Thank you for reading :)

xoxo Tamara

Black NOTD (Chanel + Golden Rose)

black notd 2

Hello lovelies,

this is my recent NOTD. I’ve used Chanel Black Satin (black crème) and Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 101 (flaky). As you can see, I still haven’t mastered the proper clean-up. The black polish got under my cuticles and I couldn’t remove it. I hope that I’ll improve – either clean-up or application :)

Golden Rose #101 has huge flakes – mostly bright blue and turquoise, but with occasional purple/pink and gold flake. Sometimes the flakes tend to stick out a bit, so I had to put several coats of top coat to even it out a bit.

Still, I adore this combo (in spite of the bad clean-up job). I couldn’t stop looking at my nails :)

black notd

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

NOTD: Simple Beige and Golden Glitter Nail Art

notd beige

Hello lovelies,

believe it or not, this is my first nail art – the first time I did something other than simply painting the nails and putting a glitter top coat. Unfortunately, my nail art brushes haven’t arrived , so I used a nail art striping tape which was a bit too narrow so it looks slightly messy.

notd beige 2

I’ve used the following polishes:

Rimmel Lycra Pro in French Ivory – 2 coats over the whole nail.

Chanel Le Venis in Frenzy to make greige lines

Chanel Le Vernis in Beige to draw beige lines

L.A. Color Art Deco in 24K Glitter

notd beige 3

Thank you for looking :)

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Vernis in Taboo Review and Swatch

chanel taboo bottle

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are having a nice day. I’m a bit busy, but I have found a time to polish my nails :) I used Chanel Le Vernis in Taboo which is probably one of the most intriguing shades I own.

chanel taboo polish swatch

Chanel polish retails for $27 and has 13 ml.

chanel nail polish taboo

Taboo is an eggplant purple base polish with reddish and blueish glitter. In the bottle, it leans onto the warmer purplish red side. On my nails, however, the blue sparkles come forward and it is definitely purpler. I have to say that I’ve never seen such a difference between the colour in the bottle and the colour on the nails. Still, I like both versions.

chanel taboo polish swatch

As for the consistency, Taboo differs from the majority of Chanel polishes I own. Usually Chanel polishes are on a thinner side, but Taboo is very thick and pigmented. One coat is enough (the swatches below are made with one coat and no base or top coat). However, it is very unforgiving if you make a mistake (I didn’t do the clean-up this time), but when I use it, it is very hard to clean.

chanel taboo swatch

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

CHANEL Le Vernis 667 Bel Argus Swatch and Review

chanel bel argus


Bel-Argus in the nicest and the most unique shade from Chanel Summer 2013 collection. It is an interesting medium dark duochrome metallic blue – under certain angles it flashes purple while under others it has a hint of green in it. I don’t have a dupe for it in my collection – the closest thing I have is one Ados nail polish, but this one is way too green to compare to Bel-Argus. (I’ll post the comparison later this month).

I was thinking about Azure but it seemed quite dupeable.

chanel belargus shade

As for the application – it is streaky. The streakiness isn’t as visible in reality, but close-up photos show it. This is not unusual for metallic nail polish, but I have hoped that Chanel’ll have better metallic.

Bel Argus is certainly two or even more coats nail polish. One coat is really sheer and uneven. On my photos you can see two coats, which make the polish opaque, but even a third one wouldn’t hurt.

The lasting power of the polish on my nails is typical – 2 to 3 days with base and top coat – nothing super long but neither too short.

How do you like this polish? Or are you more the fan of Azure?

bel argus swatch


chanel bel argus swatch


chanel bel argus flash


chanel bel argus nails