NEW IN │ Pre-100 Days No-buy Shopping (Caudalie, La Roche Possay, Yves Rocher, Catrice, Ciate and more) Part 1

newin july

Hello lovelies,

finally the majority of items I’ve ordered in a tiny time frame of 2 days have arrived. I’m still waiting for several nail polishes, which should hopefully arrive soon, as well as some Emma Hardie and other skincare products. After all, it’s been over 3 weeks. I think that once they arrive I’m finally set.

Now, let’s see what I’ve got so far.

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Drugstore Haul – Essence & Catrice

newin essence catrice 1

Hello lovelies,

I think I might have a blush problem :) During last few months I did a lot of on-line shopping and I didn’t visit drugstores a lot. However, recently I went in to see what’s new there and some things from Essence have caught my eye.

I saw two limited edition collections: Love Letters and Bloom Me Up and ended up getting two highlighters. My Guerlain blush which I use to highlight it almost gone. I’ve bought Shiseido High Beam White, but I also wanted a shimmery option. Granted, I have a bunch of Meteorites Pearls, but they can be a hassle to use. I think these Essence highlighters will serve me well. I haven’t worn them yet, but based on the quick swatch they do not seem overly shimmery.

newin essence catrice 2

I also got two ombre blushes from Essence. Shade-wise, they remind me of MAC Proenza Schouler blushes; however, I don’t have those to compare. On the orange/coral blush you can see the reason why I rarely buy anything in dugstores – someone swatched it.I guess it was too much of a hassle to open the tester drawer and they had to open a product intended for sale. I didn’t open it in store to check it in detail – the cover is transparent and it looked ok, but obviously store light masked it. I’ll be smarter the next time.

I’ve increased my collection of Essence nail polishes – I bought several more textures and some other shades which aren’t on the picture because I’ve moved my nail polishes and they currently all reside mixed in boxes. I’m dreading the day when I’ll have to organize it.

newin essence catrice

My final purchase is Catrice nail polishes. For a while this was my favourite brand, but then I discovered Golden Rose, indie and on line shopping. I got two texture shades: Oysters & Champagne and Call Me Princess. I also bought Berry Potter & Plumberdore (purple-blue duochrome) which I got mostly for its name, although the nail polish itself is pretty, too.

What did you get recently?

xoxo Tamara

CATRICE Nail Polish Swatch Spam :)

catrice nail polish swatch spam

Hello lovelies,

after looking through my inventory I’ve noticed that I didn’t swatch several Catrice nail polishes. Since some of those are discontinued, there was no reason to swatch each in a separate post, so I’ll swatch them all here.

Catrice nail polishes were (and still are) one of the best available in drugstores. They offer a great variety of shades (can’t wait to see their holos and multichromes) for an affordable price.

Let’s see the SWATCHES

NOTD with Emily de Molly Hardware and Catrice Let’s Talk About Barrie

Hello lovelies,

when I reviewed Emily de Molly Hardware, I mentioned that I’m planning to combine it with jelly finish nail polishes. I couldn’t wait to see how it will look so I combined it with the first jelly that crossed my mind: Catrice Let’s Talk About Barrie.

I’m not really happy with the end result – even though it is jelly, Catrice was too pigmented and it completely covered the glitter. In shadow it looked bumpy. A bit of glitter was visible under direct light. I guess I need to find a sheerer jelly.

Here are several more photos:

notd red jelly sandwich

notd red jelly sandwich 1

PS. I forgot how hard are reds to clean up. They stain everything.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NOTD Waterfall Manicure with OPI

notd waterfall

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been going through my photo folders to see if there are some swatches I haven’t published yet and I found my attempt at waterfall manicure. Basically you need a medium long, thin striping brush and a nail polish.

I used OPI My Pointe Exactly as a base and I striped with Max Factor Ruby Fruit, Catrice Bloody Mary to Go and Golden Rose Silver Nail Art polish. The manicure doesn’t look very good at the cuticle area because I already had OPI on for 4 days and I did go a bit overboard with clean-up.

You can find how this manicure looks when it is done by a pro at Nailasaurus.

Pregledavala sam slike u folderima tražeći swatcheve koje još nisam objavila i naišla sam na moj pokušaj vodopad manicure. Sve što je za nju potrebno je srednje dugački tanki kist za nail art i lak za nokte.

Kao podlogu koristila sam OPI My Pointe Exactly, a linije sam radila s Max Factor Ruby Fruit, Catrice Bloody Mary to Go i Golden Rose Silver Nail Art lakovima za nokte. Manikura ne izgleda najbolje oko korijena nokta jer sam pretjerala s čišćenjem, a i OPI lak je već bio četiri dana na noktima pa se vidi izrast.

Kako bi ova manikura trebala izgledati kad ju radi netko talentiran možete vidjeti kod Nailasaurusa.

notd waterfall 1

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

ESSIE For the Twill of It vs. CATRICE Iron Mermaiden

essie vs catrice bottle

Hello lovelies,

I owe you a comparison of Essie’s For the Twill of It and Catrice Iron Mermaiden.

When I first saw the promo, I thought that Essie will be very similar. And it is – in a way. Both are gren-purple-grey duochromes; however, they are opposite. When Essie looks green, Catrice looks purple and the other way around.

Pigmentation wise – Essie is more pigmented and the color is very intense. On the other hand, I needed four coats of Iron Mermaiden to get a comparable opacity. It is more streaky and appears lighter. For The Twill of It is more shimmery.

The polishes are swatched in this order (sorry, no clean-up) L to R: For the Twill of It, Iron Mermaiden, For the Twill of It

essie vs catrice


essie vs catrice 4


essie vs catrice 3


essie vs catrice 2


I thought it would be a good idea to stamp them, so I put For the Twill of It over Iron Mermaiden and Iron Mermaiden over For the Twill of It. The stamping is very delicate and not over the top. I have to admit that I prefer Iron Mermaiden over For the Twill of It.

Polishes are in this order: For the Twill of It (not stamped), Iron Mermaiden stamped with For the Twill of It, For the Twill of It stamped with Iron Mermaiden.

essie vs catrice stamped


essie vs catrice stamped 2

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara


CATRICE Nail Polish in Sand Francisco, Fred Said Red, No Snow Petrol and Am I Blue or Green review and swatches

Here is another round of Catrice nail polishes. This time, there are two discontinued (Sand Francisco, Am I Blue or Green?) shades and two regular shades (Fred Said Red and No Snow Petrol). I won’t talk much about the discontinued shades, but I will give a brief description.

Sand Francisco is a shimmery sandy gold. Two coats are necessary for complete opacity.

Fred Said Red is a jelly tomato red. Compared to Bloody Mary To Go, Fred Said Red is visibyl more orange. It is very pigmented and only one thin coat is necessary.

No Snow Petrol is a blueish green polish with a cerulean blue shimmer which is visible under a certain angle. One coat gives a full opacity.

Am I Blue or Green? is a creme turquoise. It reminds me of Chanel Riva. A minimum of two coats is necessary (as stated on the packaging).

I generally don’t comment the wear of the nail polish, because every nail polish on my nails (be it a high end or drugstore) lasts for about a day or two withot the base and top coat.

Ever since I’ve started using Eveline 8 in 1 as a base coat, every nail polish that I have lasts up to a week, with minimum tip wear. The nail polish even survives washing dishes.

I recommend Catrice nail polishes. They are very cheap (around $3.5) and offer a huge range of shades which is constantly updated.

When it comes to my favourites among these four shades, these are definitely Fred Said Red and No Snow Petrol. Which one is your favourite?

FINISHED! September Edition

September was a really slow month when it comes to the products I have spent. I also have to brag myself a bit and say that, with the exception of Essie nail polish (shade Recessionista) I haven’t bough any single product, be it make-up or skincare, since August 10th. That’s almost two months of an unintentional no-buy. It wasn’t so hard – I simply didn’t think about it at all.

Anyway, I’m planning on having a huge shopping spree – I need some Vitamin C serums, glycolic acid peel and something with Retinol. I’m kind of low with the body-care products, too, and I’m planning to raid Yves Rocher store.

Also, Sisley has launched new blushes in the trashiest packaging possible (the plastic cover with zebra pattern) but I’m in love with the coral shade.

Next, I’m gathering the courage to get my hair cut – I haven’t been at the hairdresser for over two years (because of the very traumatic experience) and my hair is in horrible condition. I’ll have to cut off at least 10 to 15 centimeters and I just need to find a reliable salon. This also means that I’ll have to get some hair-care products.

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My NAIL POLISH Collection


I have been away for several days, so to make it up, I have decided to show you my steadily growing nail polish collection (which should have been posted with my make-up collection a couple of months ago).

As I’ve caught myself many times wanting the polishes which are practically dupe of some other polish I have, I found some time and took photos of the polishes in my collection which I have sorted according to colour.

I can already see the benefits, as I have slowly composed the list of the shades I need to have.

I wanted to add the links to the polishes I’ve already swatches, but the computer I’m currently using is incredibly slow (and it is adsl). I can’t believe that my blog logs faster on dial-up connection.


So, here’s the collection (names are from left to right):


The first picture in the post contain some of my pinks:

Chanel Morning Rose, Inglot 343, Chanel Marilyn, Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever, YSL 19, Catrice Big Spender Wanted, YSL Rose Lunaire



White and berry

Inglot 202, Rimmel French Ivory, YSL 12; Catrice Let’s Talk About Barrie, YSL Rose Pourpre


Light Pink

Catrice Just Married, Sephora Pink Agate, YSL Perle Rose, Catrice Miss Piggy Reloaded, Bourjois 14, Chanel Rose Cache, Bourjois Beige Glamour


Oranges, Coral, Red

Catrice Salmon & Garfunkel, Catrice Pimp My Shrimp, Max Factor Diva Coral, Catrice Bloody Mary To Go, Golden Rose Classics (I don’t know the shade number)



Catrice Marilyn & Me, L.A. Girl Garnet, Catrice Caught on the Red Carpet, Max Factor Ruby Fruit



Catrice Let’s Mauve On, Catrice Plum Play With Me, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Carla Cosmetics (I don’t know the shade name), Catrice Iron Mermaiden


Taupe and Black

Max Factor Cappuccino, Catrice Clay-Ton My Hero, Catrice Lost in Mud, Catrice Captain Sparrow’s Boat


Gold and Silver

Max Factor Ivory, Chanel Gold Shimmer, Catrice In The Bronx, Inglot 207, Look by Bipa Metallic Hologram, Golden Rose 69



Catrice Sold Out Forever, Look by Bipa Green Changer, Catrice After Eight



Illamasqua Rain Drops, Deborah 56, Sephora Bleu Sapphire, Catrice (from one L.E, l don’t know the shade name).



The following shades are on my wishlist:

dark blue (something like Chanel Blue Satin)

crème turquoise (like Chanel Riva or one of Max Factor minis)

non opaque jelly pastel yellow


medium dark grey

purple – like Chanel Paradoxal (or Rimmel dupe)

medium dark forrest green

bright orange (like that from Dior 2011 summer collection – I think it was named Aloha)

orange red (like Catrice Fred Said Red)

dark chocolate brown

lilac pink (like Chanel Lilac Sky or Rodeo Drive)

berry pink (like Chanel Gondola)

Thank you for reading :)



CATRICE Nail Polish in Salmon & Garfunkel Swatch and Review

I’m a huge fan of Catrice nail polishes, but this shade is a total fail.

The colour is excellent – a pastel cream light peach. However, the application and the consistency is horrible. The nail polish is very thich, much thicker than I’m used to.

One coat gives completely uneven, patchy and streaky application. Hovewer, on the bottle it says that you should use two coats, so I cannot take it as a fault. Still, the second coat doesn’t give full coverage. With three coats the nail polish looks decent.

My main issue is with consistency. It is impossible to apply thin coats. To get a decent-looking nails, with this shade you have to put three thick coats. I don’t mind the number of coats, but the fact that they are thick. Catrice have launched another shade which you had to apply in multiple coats (Lost In Mud), but you could apply this in thin coats.

I don’t comment on wear, as every nail polish lasts for a couple of days on my nails.

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CATRICE Nail Polish in Pimp My Shrimp Review and Swatch

Here is another excellent nail polish from Catrice line: Pimp My Shrimp. At first I was afraid that it will be a bit too orange for me, but it has become my favourite.

Pimp my Shrimp is a dark peach/coral/orange. It has no shimmer – the finish is creme.

It is very opaque – one coat almost guarantees complete coverage, but I like to add another coat, just to be sure. The swatches in this post are made with 2 coats and no top coat. It applies easily, without streaks.

I never comment on the wear of the nail polish, as they all wear off after a couple of days if I don’t use top coat.

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CATRICE Nail Polish in After Eight Review and Swatch

After Eight is a dark mossy green shade. One coat is pretty transparent, but two coats give enough opacity. The polish contains tiny microshimmers, and depending on the angle, it can go from looking almost black to shimmery dark green.

Catrice nail polishes retail for around $3,5 and they contain 10 ml. After Eight is older shade, so it doesn’t have the new, flattened brush (similar to the brush Dior and Rimmel nail polishes have).

I do not comment on the longevity of nail polish, as almost every nail polish lasts for a day or two on my nails without the top coat.

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CATRICE Nail Polish in Raspberry Fields Forever Review and Swatch

I am a huge fan of Catrice nail polishes – in general ,they have great shades, the consistency is good, they are pigmented and they are really cheap.

Thte shade Raspberry Fields Forever is a hot, bright pink, without shimmer (I’d say it’s jelly finish). I think it would compliment the lipstick in Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss pretty well.

The application is excellent. One coat is enough for completely opaque coverage.

I never comment on how long the nail polish wears, as absolutely every wears off of my nails in a day or two.

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Personal issues kept me absent for a while, but I’m back with an excessive haul. Sisley store in Zagreb had 20%off and I couldn’t help myself. I think I should have named the blog „addicted to Sisley“. I should also mention the offer from one of drugstores, where you’d get a Catrice nailpolish if you buy 2 Catrice product. As I’m already a huge fan of Catrice nailpolishes, I could’t miss it.

Anyway, I have bought:

Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat in #0 Porcelain. I have already tried it from many samples and I have finally bit the bullet and got the full size. I was sick of the foundations which weren’t 100% match – they would always be a tad too pink or a tad too dark. It was pricey (even with 20% off, but I won’t have to purchase another foundation for over a year). Review can be found HERE.

Sisley Eyeshadow Brush. I have hoped that Inglot brush (FS7 I think) will be a satisfying (and cheaper) replacement, but Inglot is not dense enough.

Sisley White Orchid Make-up Pouch. This set was a true purchase on a whim. The set contains Sisley Phyto Lip Star gloss in Deep Tourmaline (you can find a review for another shade of this gloss here) which I absolutely love, Instant Perfect Primer (I have tried the sample and I liked it) and Phyto-Touche Or which is a bi-phase oil (similar to Nuxe or Carita) with golden shimmer (ideal for summer to emphasize bronzed skin).

All this came in a black cosmetic bag, which has thicker, padded sides, so it will be great to carry more fragile things. And the best thing is that all this (3 products plus a cosmetic bag) cost… (you’ll never believe when I tell you:) )…

$55 (approximately $45 with 20% discount). Taking into consideration that the cheapest product there (lipgloss) costs over $55, this was a great deal.

And, candies in the end.

These are vibrant spring shades of Catrice nail polishes (from left to right):

Let’s talk about Barrie (discontinued), Raspberry Fields Forever, Miss Piggy Reloaded (discontinued, and not 100% dupe for Chanel Morning Rose), Pimp My Shrimp and Salmon & Garfunkel (horrible quality).

Thank you for reading :)

CATRICE Ultimate Shine Lipstick #210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss Review and Swatch

The reason why I don’t buy much of drugstore make-up is not because of its bad quality (actually, the quality of drugstore make-up has improved immensely), but to prevent me hoarding much make-up (FAIL!) and because in Croatia drugstore items are not sealed or protected in any way, so anyone can stick their fingers into it.

One od the drugstore chains has a deal where you buy 2 Catrice products and you get a nail polish for free. I love Catrice nail polishes as I wanted to get two to get one more, but there was not much choice so I had to find some other item. I have remembered that there was a huge rave over Catrice lipsticks and after swatching some, the shade $210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss was the absolute winner. I’m in love ♥.

Catrice Lipsticks come in a heavy plastic packaging. In my hand they feel like they are high end (and the quality is comparable, too). Ultimate Shine Lipsticks are in silver.The lipstick retails for approximately $6 (4 euros) and you get 3,5 grams of products.

All the lipsticks from Ultimate Shine line are supposed to be very shiny and moisturizing.

The shade #210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss is a hot bright pink which leans slightly to the warmer, coral side. It contains no visible shimmer.

I was pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation of this shade – it is amazing. Only one thin coat is necessary to completely cover my lips (and they are pretty pigmented to begin with).

The texture is amazing: it is very creamy and moisturizing. It delivers to every claim it makes. This, however, doesn’t effect the wear – I find it that this lipstick lasts for at least four hours.

I find that this beats the majority, if not all high-end lipsticks. The only high-end lipsticks that can compare to this are Guerlain Rouge Automatique (over $30). Catrice Ultimate Shine for approximately $6 is the real winner.

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I think it’s high time for me to start to control my impulsive purchases and redirect the money I spend on cosmetics I don’t need on something else. I’ve had much more self-control before I started to get involved in beauty community. Before, I’d purchase something only when I would need it, but now I’ve been buying things only because they seem pretty or I think that I simply must have it (even though I’ll probably use it several times before the product is lost in my stash.

I don’t like feeling overwhelmed every morning when I’m doing my make-up with all of the products which I have. Sometimes it takes me literary 10 minutes only to decide which eyeshadow I should use. I’ve tried the concept of creating “looks” which would include several products and then wearing the look for the next week. It is a good concept, but this means that 90% of my stash sits there unused while I’m wearing the “look”.

I do not plan to use up all of my make-up. I’ll use eyeshadows only until I hit the pan (especially if it is a discontinued or LE product). The same goes with lipsticks. I always leave a millimetre or two of the lipstick in case I ever need to find a dupe. After that, I put the product in the original packaging and put it in my “finished products” drawer. I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, to keep the boxes after you have spent the product, but I have paid a lot for these products and I cannot imagine throwing the compact of, let’s say, Guerlain eyeshadow away.

I have taken a photo of all the items in my stash, for my reference (I’ll do the same the next year). Compared to the previous stash pictures, you can see that I have spent some items (yay! for me) and hit the pan on many others.


Fleurissante’s Favourites 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I wish you all the best in the next 2012. May it be much, much better than the previous one.

Fleurissante’s Favourites lists my favourites products in the last year. It doesn’t matter if they were freshly released or something available for a long time, which I have discovered the last year – the only thing that matters is that this are the products which have come closely to the Holy Grail status.

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CATRICE Big Spender Wanted Review and Swatch

Catrice nail polish costs cca $4 and the bottle contains 10ml. It seems that this shade has been discontinued (a shame, really). I’m regretting that I haven’t stock it up while it was available.

Big Spender Wanted is a fuchsia pink based shade with lots of gold shimmer. The shimmer is best visible when the sun hits the nail under certain angle. When I first saw this shade, it reminded me of the nailpolishes from Zoya Summer Collection (we don’t have Zoya here, but the nail-polish addicts will remember the collection with bright orange and pink shimmery nailpolishes), but Big Spender Wanted has more sublte shimmer.

The consistency is slightly thicker than the consistency of other Catrice non shimmery polishes. It is very pigmented and one coat provides pretty opaque finish, but two coats give much deeper colour.

Without the top-coat, it chips after two days, but the topcoat (Essence) prolongs the wear to a week.

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CATRICE Nail Lacquer in Bloody Mary To Go Review and Swatch

Catrice nail polish costs cca $4 and the bottle contains 10ml. I never comment on how longwearing the nailpolish is because absolutely every nail polish (be it a drugstore or a high end) wears off after two days. What I focus on is the shade itself and the consistency of the nail polish.

Bloody Mary to Go is a jelly-like shiny red with neutral undertones. Even one coat is enough for the fully opacity, but I usually add the second coat to get a deeper colour. The nailpolish dries very quickly on the nails.

This is one of the shades that everyone should have in their collection.

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CATRICE Nail Lacquer in Captain Sparrow’s Boat Review and Swatch

Catrice nail polish costs cca $4 and the bottle contains 10ml. I never comment on how longwearing the nailpolish is because absolutely every nail polish (be it a drugstore or a high end) wears off after two days. What I focus on is the shade itself and the consistency of the nail polish

Captain Sparrow’s Boat is graphite grey. It is advertised as a dupe for Chanel Black Pearl, but they don’t even come close. Chanel Black pearl has flashes of blue and moss green in it. Captain Sparrow’s Boat is just a plain grey. It lacks the pearly deepness that Chanel Black Pearl has.

I suggest at least two coats to get a full coverage of the nail.


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